Bucket List #55 // Attend a Rave

There has always been a hype over pivotal age accomplishments, like finally entering your (thir)teen years, celebrating a Sweet 16 or Quince, or even the reaching the big 4-0.  But 17 is another beautiful age.  Too innocent for 18 but too tainted for 16.  It’s just perfect.  And entering this new territory of adolescence, I spent it…. raving.

*cue bass drop*

The line-up for the 2015 Wobbleland was pretty rad:  12th Planet, Boombox Cartel, Dubloadz, G Jones, Grandtheft, JACKAL, JAUZ, Megalodon, Minnesota, LOUDPVCK, and p0gman.  EDM and Dubstep don’t top my list of Pandora Radio Favorites, but when the it comes down to it, I’m always ready to get my groove on.

Admittedly, I had no clue what I was doing–and for that matter, what I was wearing.  Despite my attempt to “blend in,” I somehow managed to look like a middle-schooler at a pep rally.  Oh well, guess you can’t really hide the reality of being an amateur.  (Note to self: stay away from beads and bleach.)

The entire night was filled with screaming, jumping, and feeding the energy off of one another.  At one point, I could physically feel 12th planet “wobbling” my chest.  I wasn’t used to so many bodies touching me all at once or the marijuana stench that illuminated the air, but I quickly adapted; it was definitely a night to remember.

Aside from the electrifying music, what I found the most riveting was the rave culture.   The moment you set foot in the room, you’re exposed to the intense sensation of eclectic aroma and aesthetics, surrounded by beautiful people arrayed in colored furs, beads, and glamour.  Nobody cares about your messed up hair or your funky dance moves.  It’s a night, free of judgment but full of liberation…or what might know as good vibes.  Picture


I’m all about expressing weirdness and dressing spunky without shame, so I completely fell in love with the atmosphere.  The purpose is to embrace self-acceptance and self-love.  What way to release that other than by dancing crazily with strangers to anti-aging music?!

Would I go again?  Most definitely.  For me, it’s not about sneaking Molly in or mingling with cute boys, but expressing myself in a community that thrives on a “idgaf” attitude.  February 28, 2015, thank you for being good to me. #55 : Attend a Rave is officially checked off.


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