Meeting ‘POP’ Sensation Cassey Ho

Six months ago, I met Cassey Ho–the YouTube fitness sensation and Pop Pilates instructor! (For those of you that don’t know, Cassey is (now) a 28-year-old social media fitness entrepreneur from San Francisco Bay Area, now residing in Los Angeles, and runs a fitness channel under the name Blogilates).

It was by chance, really, that I happened to check an email account I don’t frequently log into and noticed an ad saying the would be in San Jose for a book signing at 24 Hour Fitness on Parkmoor Avenue! I quickly printed out the free tickets and braced myself to meet her. What do I wear? Would she even care? I don’t even have a book! Maybe she won’t notice? Even as I pondered on these questions before our expected encounter, I clearly didn’t answer them well, as I soon would realize.

Dragging my mom to her car the following day, myself and my mom headed out to meet Cassey. Huh, no line outside of the gym. That’s a good sign.

I walked inside 24 Hour Fitness. It still seemed pretty empty…and pretty silent. What happened to the elevator music? I followed the entrance path and saw a booth selling her book, Hot Body Year Round. But as soon as I saw masses of girls leaving the dance room, I realized that I did not have seconds to spare.

I made my way past the heavy doors, into the dance room, to the very back of the line. As I stood observing the environment, I was quickly overwhelmed with embarrassment: here I was, wearing a very (un)classy outfit of yoga pants, graphic tee, and flip-flops, and there everyone else was, sporting colorful blends of Nike gear. Great. I don’t even look the part. I had a whole day to pick an outfit; I figured that since she had a Pilates class in the morning, flip-flops would work–but no. To top that, I didn’t even have her book. I didn’t have a her book, and I was at a book signing event. Way to go, Kim.

This wasn’t even the entire line!

I waited a little over two hours for less than two minutes with Casey. The “meeting”–encounter, more like it–was brief and went like so: hand my phone to the photographer dude (I feel bad for not even knowing his name since), tell her my name to sign an autograph, and strike a pose for the camera!

Seriously, braids?! C’mon Kim…

Cassey didn’t seem to even mind that I didn’t have a book. In fact, she seemed to have it all prepared for unprepared people like myself. She signed “Kim, train insane!” on a cute, decorated card for me to take home as a souvenir.

Being the crazy person I am, I asked Cassey to do her infamous fire-hydrant pose. I figured, based on her YouTube persona, that she would be totally into it! I noticed her awing over other pose requests, and I wanted to impress her as well. But once again, I failed to do so. The moment those words left my mouth, I felt a pinging sense of regret because though she tried to hide her cringe, her reaction left me dejected. “Ummm…you probably shouldn’t post that then.” I could almost hear the “Oh, hell no” behind her eyes as she knelt into position.

Little did she know, the photos didn’t turn out as awkward as she might’ve thought. (Even my mom thought it was cute.)

She was a good sport, and that’s something I’ll continue to appreciate. Considering she had just finished an hour-long (or maybe two?) Pilates class and had been standing for over two hours, I was pretty impressed (albeit slightly disappointed, like any fan might be, by her effete enthusiasm). But I didn’t even flip over her faked smile. She still tried, and that goes a long way!

Overall, it was a cool experience. I even felt motivated to work out… but that euphoria quickly depleted after 20 minutes, haha. I really admire Cassey, especially for her story of transitioning from to fitness and nutrition after a long journey towards medicine, and wish her all the best!


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