Crocs at Prom

April 4, 2015. Written April 9, 2015.

Day 2 of Spring Break.  I was invited to attend Willow Glen High School’s prom taking place at the Fairmont Hotel and was very excited to experience–what I would consider–a real high school prom, complete with a room of 300 people and themed venue.

I decided to spice things up a bit by wearing… Crocs.  (Well, Crocs knock-offs.)  When I unveils my plans to my friends, some were extremely supportive, adding me on Snapchat to stay up-to-date with my outfit.  Some, on the other hand, were appalled, wondering why I would do such a thing and jeopardize my social life.

Here’s my answer:  Prom is one of the few eventful experiences of your high school years.  Whether it’s because you went with the perfect date or even because you got heartbroken that night, prom will be a distinct memory.  I wanted to remember it as an outrageous, funny moment, and that’s exactly what I did.

On prom night, my date picked me up, and we headed off to the Municipal Rose Garden to take our prom photos. There were at least 100 people from various schools at the garden taking their photos; I hadn’t expected the garden to be such a popular photo venue. With several dozen couples surrounding me in their school cliques, I nonchalantly revealed the Payless shoe box out of my paper bag and pulled out my sexy shoes. From smirks to sneers, their reactions clearly proved disfavor, until one girl hopped over to me and said, “Dude, that’s so smart! I should’ve done that!”

After taking both traditional and silly photos, my date and I headed downtown, prepared for an amazing night.

Locating the room was a struggle. To top that, the valet parking fee was ridiculous, and the hotel clerk gave us the wrong directions. I was getting impatient. Heels weren’t making anythings better, except giving me sexy calves, but that wouldn’t matter unless I got to the dance floor.

We finally managed to locate the room. Sort of. We found the back entrance, from which we were oh-so-politely excused to make a u-turn and enter through the front doors. Though filled with resent, I quickly abandoned my negativity upon seeing the beautifully decorated stairs. Silver balloons and glitter accented the marble stairs, paving way towards the red carpet entrance, which unfortunately had to be rolled by the time we were admitted to the dance. So, I never got to stand on the red carpet, but I wasn’t too bummed because I got to dance on “Hollywood Blvd” the entire night in a room full of strangers.

I forgot about all the minor mishaps and let the DJs move me through their beats, which ranged from classic MJ to spunky Dan Omar. Although my date was pretty awesome, I must thank these trusty crocs for a great night as well.



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