Although 2015 shed tears, anger, and many losses, it also paved way for multiple lessons, stupid (and quite embarrassing stories), laughter, and new opportunities that I am beyond grateful for.

Almost spitting the words “2015 sucked”, I suddenly paused, as memories of late-night partying in Placencia, Belize and paddle-boarding in Oahu, Hawaii arose. The savory taste of New Year’s Eve pina coladas and the foul smell of my wet t-shirt in a cave seemed almost tangible. The recollections re-emerged from my little memory box, as if all the experiences from my 365 days were made into a 3 minute movie trailer.

2015 was far from “sucky”. And to remind myself what an incredible year I had, I wrote down my favorite moments.

  1. Kicking the year of with my first shot in Belize and dancing past midnight at Barefoot Bar. G0022063.JPG
  2. Introducing Grandma to the Moveable Feast and buying her first authentic food-truck taco and garlic fries.

    Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset
    Un introduccion de comida mexicana!
  3. Watching Paul Blart Mall Cop at the Drive-Ins for the first time (and only hearing about ⅓ of it)IMG_0044
  4. Ditching school to spend an entire day at an Earth Day Festival (the choice was easy: learning about layers of a cell in AP Bio or having a face-to-face encounter with an alpaca?) cropped-img_1163.jpg
  5. Saying goodbye to junior year of school.
  6. “Camping” for 12 hours in Big Sur, Pfeiffer State Park.
  7. Working at the YMCA with the best coworkers and campers. 

  8. Getting my license, heck yeah! Only to crash it 10 days later…oh, the fond memories…
  9. Getting pie’d by my favorite lil’ Camper of the Week Austin! And getting water’d with cutie Megan! 
  10. Experiencing the 60’s in one block at the Grateful Dead concert.
  11. Meeting Keegan Allen on this very block.
  12. Attending–actually, being–in my first Pride Parade. 
  13. Spending summer weekend in Ventura to learn about fracking and student coalition efforts against it! Plus, meeting some awesome peeps while there. 
  14. Holding a goose with an unpronounceable name. But it starts with P.
  15. Finding serenity and forgetting my worries, playing guitar on Seaside Beach, Ventura.
  16. Every second in Oahu, Hawaii. Especially learning how to paddle-board!

    Waikiki Beach
  17. Attending a Tequila and Taco Festival (well, just a tequila festival for me) with my favorite guy. 🙂
  18. Checking “#165 Go grape stomping” of my bucket list! (of course, with my fav again) 
  19. Thinking “My parents are way wack :)” while ordering a crepe at IHOP in celebration of their 10th anniversary.
  20. Perfecting my signature school ID pose.
  21. Learning about baseball at my first SF Giants game against the Rockies in addition to witnessing a shocking loss. 

    Last game of the season against the Rockies!
  22. Hiking 6+ miles on the Los Gatos trail with a few special earthlings.
  23. Supporting my math teacher and his son Amaan (aka Super-Maan) at the Lymphoma and Leukemia Light the Night Walk.
  24. Making 568 sandwiches for the homeless. 12295292_682540585216042_7910754872790345845_n
  25. Standing on first base at AT&T Park. 
  26. Falling in love with my newly adopted kitty, Chestnut.
  27. Giving a speech and walking with the Bill Wilson Center in support of National Homeless Youth Awareness Month.
  28. Witnessing (kind of) the blood moon.

Thanks for being so good to me, 2015. I only hope 2016 will be just as good–or even better. Adios!


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