T-Minus Two Days

Day 1 in South Lake Tahoe

December 30, 2015 11:34 am

Location: one exit from Vallejo on Highway 680 North                  


See: white fog, smog coming from the industrial factories, rows of cars before us, naked trees to my left and right

Hear: Mike Posner’s “I Took a Pill in Ibiza” to block out Katy Perry’s “Roar” playing in the car, Max and Daphne’s off-tune attempts to sing-along to “Roar”

Smell: mostly cold air, light scent of fresh strawberries

Feel: have to pee (even though I went less than an hour ago at McDonald’s), annoyed at how difficult it is to write in the car

1:15 pm

Location: Chevron gas station about 2 hours from South Lake Tahoe

Hear: running engines, mom trying to talk to the people I will be forced to meet (excuse my lack of enthusiasm)

Smell: In-n-out animal fries (or possible just thousand oaks sauce) from the joint across the street

Feel: neutral yet accomplished. I just mastered A-G of “Alphabet Aerobics”.

In general, I’m looking forward to staying in Tahoe. I can’t wait to snowboard. While I’m hoping that El Nino hits hard, I hope my ass doesn’t freeze off as well. Low-key, I’m wishing I could have go to Snowglobe Music Festival! The only thing keeping me from doing so is that fact I can’t go alone.

4:38 pmIMG_1278.JPG

“Heavenly” view in South Lake Tahoe by Heavenly

We’ve finally arrived and settled in. Today, “settled in” is synonymous with “bringing a crap load of luggages and supplies on three flights of stairs 5 times”.

The view from the second floor is beautiful. With a clear path to Heavenly Resort and a crib surrounded by dozens of (pine?) trees, what more can you really ask for? I also have a nice view of people going down slopes. I kind of envy them for their mad skills. I’ll get to put my own to the test for the next 4 days or so.

I’m not irritated anymore—which, I’m sure, is more than a relief for my mom. In fact, I’m extremely looking forward to this week and all that South Lake Tahoe will have to offer. Just don’t remind me of Snowglobe, and I’ll be ok.

Location: Room C

See: trees, snowboarders—fun awaiting my arrival

Hear: the sound of ass getting kicked by these slopes , cars driving downhill below me (and an icicle that just broke!)

Smell: fresh air, for once

Feel: contented 🙂




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