Sleepless in Seattle: Day 1

Diary Entry February 15, 2016

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON has been absolutely wonderful. Not too rainy or as cold as I had expected. Slight mists and wind are welcomed, though, during our walks.

On Saturday (Feb. 13), Jordan and I arrived around 8 pm, in which we then used Uber to head to our Air B&B house. ($27 for the drive broke my bank jk). Though we weren’t able to meet our hosts that night, we eventually met Joey and Faviola the following day. A full night’s rest for Saturday was much needed.

Valentine’s Day woke us both with much excitement and anticipation for an adventure-filled, romantic day. We started our morning by heading to Uptown Expresso on Delridge Way four minutes from our stay for Jordan to grab a coffee before heading to the West Seattle Farmer’s Market. Because I’m a horrible navigator (as Jordan and I quickly realized) and iPhone Maps totally suck, we took several wrong turns, in fact taking a much more scenic route.

On the way, we stopped by a small, quaint shop called Pearl’s to order baguette sandwiches. “Ahh…Seattle’s Lee’s Sandwiches” 



As we walked, talked, and ate, we happened to miss a turn to the market. (No surprise. As I said, we did quickly find out that I’m a horrible navigator.) We had spent an extra 40 minutes walking to Nowhere, but that was perfectly ok. I got the chance to gaze at the houses on the way–both rustic and urban. Many had creative, hipster lawns that I hope to have one day. (One house even taped a cartoon network sticker to their mailbox, and another had such a legit garden with bamboos and insects that it was certified as an official habitat. #housegoals)


When we turned around and finally got into the right direction, we encountered a big ass hill. A big ass, ass-working hill. And because I climbed defeated that monster twice in one day, I expect to have a Nikki Minaj but by tomorrow.

It’s a lot steeper than it looks. Walk to Genessee and Andover. You’ll see.

After 30 minutes of walking in the mist, we reached the West Seattle Farmer’s Market. The two of us lapped around the market, which was fairly short–less than a block–before deliberating. We purchased Pink Ladies apples, brad, coconut curry chicken soup, and veggie-based noodles. I even tried my first empanada!

The delicious, hand-brewed Kombucha that I was unable to buy 😥


I really enjoy farmer’s markets, period. Though the produce was heavily priced, and you may actually, as I did, almost mutter, “Damn, worth that 5 bucks” when you eat it these Pink Ladies. They were de-licious. Now, I’m not a big apple eater…but I ate 3/4 of it for breakfast the following the day.

Even though we got lost about 9380128 times, we still took selfies.

We finished purchasing all of our food around 12 pm and headed back to our house. Going back downhill on that same hill was breeze. And the view? Fantastic, both before us and across the sound in Downtown. Our nap at home post-arrival was brief, but we needed the energy for our next activity: dragon-boating.

Lake Union

Neither Jordan nor I knew anything about dragon boating, but I wanted to do non-touristy activities so there we were, in the parking lot by Kenmore Air by Lake Union in below-60-degree weather. Originally, I had expected to have pouring rain (thanks for the false alarm, Yahoo),  so I packed gloves and many thermoses. So, I felt well prepared. What I didn’t expect was that the dragon boating event was less of a recreational activity and more of a hard-drilling practice. I’m talkin’ about practice as in an old man shouting at the back of the boat, “Again! 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Don’t stop! 8. 9. 10.” While the safety instructor had advised us to take as many breaks as we needed, that coach on the boat told us–well yelled at us, reminding us to “Keep paddling!”


When we first entered the boat, I felt confident that I knew what how to row and that I was in good enough shape to do so. Wrong. Paddling out, I couldn’t keep up with the pace or rhythm. Moreover, I couldn’t get my goddamn paddle out of the water each time I rowed. Result? I kept splashing and hitting the guy behind me. And the guy behind me? The damn instructor. Yes, the old man that kept yelling at us.

I could tell that his frustration with my poor paddling skills got the worst of him. He paused the boat, the safety instructor ordering everybody sticking their paddles into the water perpendicularly. He reminded us how to properly achieve the motion of the paddle and placement of arms. I couldn’t even get this right. He was clearly directing the instructions at me. When I still couldn’t paddle correctly, he pulled me to the empty seat behind me to teach me one-on-one. Yeah, talk about subtlety.

From 3-4:30 pm, I wished that we could go home to a warm, cozy house. Though the boating was not as enjoyable as I had imagined, the “route” had a nice view of downtown Seattle from the water. In fact, I actually got the hang of dragon boating. Not that I would ever in my life do it again.

We Ubered home, wet, cold, and exhausted, ad prepared for our Valentine’s Day dinner at Ma’Ono, a nice restaurant with a varied menu. We showered, put on warm clothes and began our 30 minute walk to the restaurant. It, however, took much longer than we planned. The damn restaurant sign was just a leaf. We passed by it 2 times before realizing it was our destination. (My poor navigation skills were also at fault, too, but I won’t openly admit that.) By the time we arrived, we were 15 minutes late for out 6 pm reservation, starving out of our minds, exhausted from the uphill walk (the same from this morning) and drenched in sweat. Layers only work well for the first 5 minutes when every stroll turns into a workout.

I ordered a Loco Moco, a “traditional” Hawaiian dish but apparently now served in Seattle, and spicy chicken wings, while Jordan ordered a Saimi, some sort of noodle soup. The wings were finger-lickin’ good, but the Loco Moco? A bit disappointing in my opinion. I believe they put an American twist because they did not put spam, and I know they had it in stock because Jordan had a piece in his soup. And for the record, just adding 1 small pineapple bite does not make a Loco Moco Hawaiian.

My personal review: Food-3 stars, Affordability-3 stars, Service-4.5 stars. LOL, and -1 star for appearance. I mean a leaf on the window?

Neither of us were able to finish dinner, so we took the rest to go and Ubered downtown for our next activity: The Comedy of Love Improv Show!

Unexpected Productions is located right next to the gum wall!

The show was absolutely amazing – I enjoyed every second. It was hysterical. I’ve got to go to more improv shows. I’m really glad we got to do watch the show instead of spending all night having a candlelit dinner, talking about our feelings. We were Seattlelites. 🙂 Valentine’s Day couldn’t have been any better – plus, the perfect way to kickstart our week ahead.



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