I Spotted Big Foot! Day 2

February 15, 2016

The following morning was left with residue of last night’s hard rain. Even with hardly any sun creeping out between foggy cracks, I still managed to wake up, nearly die from hypothermia putting on my leggings, and eat breakfast.

It was still sprinkling when we left the house. I was happy I made the choice of not putting on mascara that day – well, less of a choice, more of a time constraint. Jordan and I walked down the hill to our bus stop on the intersection of Delridge Way and Andover Street for our early pickup to downtown Seattle.

I had expected the bus to be as empty as it had been the night before. Coming from one urban city to another, I wrongly assumed that all Seattleits drove cars, their favored means of transportation in a hilly, San Francisco-like location. I was wrong. Finding a seat proved a challenge, let alone finding two seats together, double the challenge.

I enjoyed people watching on the bus and would later find it to be an enjoyable hobby to pass time for the rest of my week’s bus rides.


Some people looked like they were headed to work, resting bitch faces and yawns that read “I-hate-my-boss”; they wore business suits that matched the color of their coffee, and they were glued to their iPhones, probably reading the news or updating their statuses to “Work grind!” Others looked like they were just on for the ride, which I actually wouldn’t be surprised by. The bus was a peaceful place to be. There wasn’t rowdy teenagers blasting Kanye or creepy old men asking where I was from.

Pike Place Market

When we reached Pike Place Market, Jordan and I stopped by Starbucks, one of the 500-something cafes in Seattle. My favorite coffee-addict got his daily dose, as I walked around, simply taking advantage of the heater.

A warm welcome from Starbucks.

Post coffee-run, we headed down to Pike Place Market! Jordan checked out the extensive newspaper/magazine stand, as I picked a few postcards to send back home. The bearded cashier – or whatever his position might be called – had really great vibes. I don’t exactly know how to explain it, but I can’t just label it as “good customer service”. Jordan asked him whether he thought Matt Damon or Leonardo DiCaprio would win the Oscars, to which the cashier responded, “I’ve hated Leo since ‘The Titanic”. I couldn’t help but laugh. I’ve loved Leo since “The Titanic”.

Spotted: A Hipster Seattleite in its natural habitat!
Economy Market

We toured Economy Market first. Every left and right turn looked like your typical tourist store – not really my cup of tea – but I enjoyed the changed of pace. You could clearly feel the transition from the bustling Pike Place Market alley to the Economy Market “let’s sit down and eat a bagel” pace. As I walked from the north to east side, I saw something peculiar – yes…that’s the mot juste to describe it. It was…scary…monstrous…It was…Big Foot. (Yes, I was exaggerating the experience. It was nothing nearly dramatic. More like… “Lol hey let’s take a picture with Big Foot.)


After bidding farewell to Big Foot, we headed to the indoor Pike Place Market. We passed by the flying fish (technically fish being thrown by singing fishermen), tulips, and doughnuts, before I asked where the produce were. They were, to me, an essential part of any food market. And even though I didn’t intend to purchase anything, I wanted to get a first-hand view of everything I’ve been Instagramming.


We didn’t actually get to see the produce until our return from the Seattle Aquarium, but the outdoor market was essentially Trader Joe’s Doppleganger. Everything looked so similar, from the vendors, the vibes, to even the signs’ fonts!


After checking out the outdoor market, we checked out the indoor market. I stumbled into some voodoo-looking shops with overpriced necklaces, ran into a bunch of people who do not have the word “sorry” in their vocabulary, until I noticed one shop in particular. I don’t remember the name, but a good camera comes in handy at these post-travel moments.

Pike Place Indoor Market

The store was silly. They sold magic stuff (I think that was part of the store name too actually) and had a vintage photo booth that I definitely took advantage of. There was an old dog that looked like that one on Sesame Street that sat in the middle of the store – I thought he was a fake when it stood frozen for the longest time until finally turning his head for some rubs.

Leaving the “magical” store, Jordan and I headed to the next stop:

The Original Starbucks

The hype was real. The patience was definitely not. If I won’t stand in Disneyland for a 3 minute rollercoaster ride (which I love), I sure as hell would not stand for the some cup of Joe I can get literally anywhere within 10 feet. BUT it was cool to say I stood inside the very first Starbucks from 1912. IMG_1381

I didn’t drink Starbucks at any point I was in Seattle, actually, now that I think about it; I was in the City of Coffee – I’ll make it a point to, next time. A latte at Uptown Expresso doesn’t count, right?

I recommend seeing the Original Starbucks. It’s nothing I had pictured, though. Silly me expected some rustic feel, old hardwood floors, and dusty paintings. I forgot how commercialized and massive their company was. “Original” was just a title – not a description. But being there gives you – at least for me – a sense of appreciation that humbled me. I was in a building that existed for over a century! Damn.

“The First Starbucks EST. 1912”

We left Starbucks for a change of scenery…a wetter change of scenery.

Seattle Aquarium

I loved the Seattle Aquarium! The building looked like a blue farmhouse. It was smaller than I had expected, coming from someone who’s only ever been to the giant Monterrey Bay Aquarium. But it’s small size didn’t take away from what great things it had. Jordan and I saw everything from coral reefs to puffins. They had exhibits for aquatic and woodland creatures, which was really unique. They even had a tree exhibit – that was pretty cool. The coral reefs were my favorite. I remember being absolutely mesmerized. Here’s why:

No explanation necessary.

I made lots of memories that day, the first being sucked on by an anemone. It felt ridiculously weird, and I flipped. We went to those open hands-on exhibits, and there was a boy that had touched a pink thing and freaked out. I laughed on the inside because really, it’s just a sea creature, no big deal. Nah, it was a big deal. I touched the same pink anemone, and it felt like a human baby grabbed my hand and started sucking on it. Weird.

But there were also other memorable moments. When we reached the seal section, they had a show! Granted, most seal shows are pretty similar…feeding fish to make them swim back and forth to retrieve toys. But I had never seen a seal FLIP. I had always assumed they were too hefty. Another thing I had never seen: seals getting their teeth brushed by the same Sonicare toothbrush I have.

My final memory actually had little to do with the aquarium. The second floor, upstairs, was a cafeteria. Jordan and I played a little game where we creating a fictitious life for one of the chefs. He, the chef, was working at the aquarium to get his foot in the door but would one day follow his passions to open a restaurant. A nice, 4-star quirky restaurant that played great music. We’ll never know his real story, but that’s at least what we predicted.

After seeing every nook and cranny of the building, we decided to adjourn or aquarium adventures. Heading back up to Pike Street, I made sure to take a picture with Rachel the Pig! I had missed out on the opportunity earlier to take one with the Rachel in front of the fish market because a bunch of kids were climbing on it.


Up next:

The Gum Wall

Ahh, alas. The glorious Gum Wall. I had seen the photos on Instagram, read all about it on blog posts, and I was ready to among millions of germs.

I had read abut Seattle’s efforts to destroy the Gum Wall, costing the city millions of dollars to take of 20 years of gum. Everyone knew it wouldn’t last long. That much was clear when Jordan and I walked through Post Alley.

Entrance to Post Alley. The art was so rad!!!

The Gum Wall was up and running again. And we were ready to make our mark on history – literally. We chewed strawberry-flavored Trident gum for a good minute and a half before wasting it away on the brick wall.

Am I touching it?! Am I?! Guess you’ll never know.
GROSSSSSSSS. Note his attempt to make a heart 😉

Gum was mushed on almost every inch of the wall. Of course, it’s got long ways to go, but this was progress. There was stringy gum, circle gum, spelt-out-name gum, holey gum, condom-looking gum, couple gum. I loved contributing to the Gum Wall. It gave me a sense of accomplishment, especially as someone who rarely ever chews gum.


After a gooey evening, Jordan and I headed back to the house to eat dinner…and prepare for Trivia Night.

Trivia Night at Skylark Cafe

Prior to our travels, I searched for a few local cafes. Skylark Cafe was only 4 minutes from the house, give or a take a few minutes dying from the hill. It was a really neat bar – complete with a laid back kinda aura that screamed “our open mic nights rock and you rock too if you drink our beer!!!!”.

That’s about as descriptive as I’ll get.


Because we’ve had so much success answering Family Feud questions as a duo, I figured we’d kill it at Trivia Night!

We didn’t.

Far from it, really. Inspired by President’s Day, the first round of trivia was based on naming presidents by their term number + a location in New York (i.e. James Madison Square Garden). I should’ve paid more attention in AP US History. Who knew those trivia facts would come in handy one day?! The second round was based on the matter of life and death. I got one answer right: Life of Pi! The third round dealt with movies/shows. Well, shit. Everyone who knows everyone who knows me…knows…that I live in a cave and no nothing about movies. That was all Jordan. The final round dealt with break-up songs! Now, that I can manage. First song? Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac. Score.


By the end of the night, Jordan and I – or, shall I say, Team Funky Fuchsia Ferrets – left with a whopping 26 points. Woohoo! We took last place. But as I always say, 26 more points than 0!!!


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