Raptor Migration in the Marin Headlands

Yesterday, I spent a few hours with my Neurozoology class in the Marin Headlands, learning about different kinds of raptors and their unique characteristics at the Golden Gate Park Conservatory. We stood atop Hawk Hill and enjoyed the view of the Golden Gate and California’s beautiful coastline, as the few remaining raptors ventured above us. The peak of raptor migration has ended, but they will continue to head towards Chile until December. Our class had the opportunity to identify a few, including Turkey Vultures, Butteos, and Accipiters. I stood less than four feet away from a Cooper’s Hawk during a presentation on banding birds for data.

Please enjoy my photo gallery! 🙂

Beautiful mountain ranges. California’s topography is incomparable.
A close-up of a Cooper’s Hawk.


Two ravens fooling around above The City.
The “finger” feature is one of the key markers in a turkey vulture.

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