So, I see that you’ve stumbled onto my pulchritudinous mess of a blogumentary.  And if you’re still reading this, line #2 of this post without a gun to your head, then hell, call it fate, call it karma, but a second ago you must have realized that you’ve wandered into this crazy, soul-seducing realm that I like to call… my life. 

I’m Kim.  I’m a teen troublemaker livin’ it up on the beautiful West Coast. 

Before I became this daredevil, I was the shy girl with the shitty bowl-cut and an intense fear of heights, social interaction, and spiders.  Flash forward 10 years later, and I’m hiking up Uvas Canyon, singing along with Cher Lloyd, and snorkeling in National Parks, trying to cure my travel bug.

So who am I?  I’m a California native who enjoys travel, fine arts, and nature, to say the least.  I suppose I’m some type of experience-junkie and hippie fusion.  I jump at the chance to do anything that I haven’t done once, and I hunger for the adrenaline rush that comes with all of it!  When I’m not studying, I’m out exploring my environment, and doing so, I’ve been able to cross a few things off my bucket list.  I love to do anything others would call “insane”, and I’ll do it with pride.  But besides wanting to see the world, I also want to save it.  Besides, how can we see the world, if there isn’t one?

I don’t have an interesting life.  I mean, I have a wild, weird, funky life filled with embarrassing moments, but it’s not that interesting; I have yet to win Grammy nor am I BFF’s with Miley Cyrus, but if for some reason, you would like to spend your leisure reading about esta chica loca, then here is where you’ll find the scoop on my experiences–the stupid, the funny, the enticing, and the thrilling.  These are the moments that distract me from the puerile tasks of everyday life.  In part, I hope to inspire people to explore all that our beautiful earth has to offer and live a limitless life.  But if not, you can learn from my mistakes to prepare for your own trip, or have a good laugh at them.  You can discover new opportunities to bring excitement in your own life, or I can serve as a good read for the night.  So all I ask is that you bear with my nonsensical humor in return.

Oahu, Hawaii
761′ up on the top of Diamond Head Crate in Oahu, HI.

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